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Archery Games Omaha is the action-packed combat archery experience that is fun for ages 12 and up. The game allows 2 teams to battle it out with bows and foam tipped arrows in the Archery Games arena.

The game-play is similar to dodge-ball and the ultimate objective of the game is to tag all of the opposing players with arrows in order to eliminate them from the game.

Archery Games Calgary Players

The cost per player is $24.95 + TAX and each Archery Games booking is 75 minutes in duration total – 15 minutes for waiver, instruction and target practice, and 60 minutes of game play.


All necessary archery equipment including: bows, arrows, mask, and arm guards are provided for you in any Archery Games booking.

You are not permitted to bring in your own bow or arrows to play, but you can choose to bring in your own safety equipment (masks or arm guards) if you so choose*

*Subject to inspection of the Archery Games referee to ensure that equipment meets necessary safety guidelines

Archery Games Field_Field_IMAGE

CENTRE LINE: This line divides the field in half, and it is where the arrows are placed for the start of the game.

ATTACK LINES: These lines define the Safe Zone between them, and they must be crossed before being able to shoot your arrows.

SAFE ZONE: This is where you retrieve arrows from. Archers are not allowed to shoot or be shot while in the Safe Zone (hits made here are not counted).


Players are divided into two teams of 3-8 archers.
All archers (bows in hand) start off lined up against the wall on their side of the field.

The referee will signal the start of the game, at which point archers race to the middle Safe Zone and retrieve the arrows.
Archers are not allowed to shoot or be shot while in the Safe Zone (hits made here are not counted).

Archers cannot enter onto their opponent’s side of the field while they are in play.
When an archer is hit by an arrow from the opposing side, they are tagged out and must make their way around the outer wall to their opponent’s wall until the next game starts.

If you hit out an opposing team’s target – one of your team’s archers is brought back into play.


Your team must tag out all archers on the opposing team
Have the most archers remaining when time expires


Every Archery Games booking will include a variety of different combat archery game-modes.


To promote a healthy active lifestyle by providing a fun, immersive and engaging experience to kids & adults alike.